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Are you looking for a Stress-Free Interactive Kids Disco?

Your child will be will be made to feel like a celebrity at their Party Disco and will be the star of the show!

Pompom delivers parties filled with interactive non-elimination games, dance competitions, action dances, air-guitar challenges, flashing lights, great sound system, prizes and your child's favourite music.

PomPom gets involved and makes sure everyone's having a brilliant time. This means that your party experience will be stress-free and relaxed.

So if you're looking for a kids disco in Brighton, East Sussex, West Sussex or Hampshire, why not get in touch?

It was great to have such a wide range of party activities in a short space of time… and much better than picking one. When we asked the Rainbows what they liked best they couldn’t agree because they all enjoyed different bits; the monkey and magic show got mentioned a lot and so did the disco. They all agreed they’d had a great time. - Jen and 7th Preston Park Rainbows – Pack Party

Mega Party Disco

Ideal for primary aged children, our Mega Party Disco is 2 hours packed with fun, laughter, games and dancing. We have a break after an hour for the birthday tea when there's table games and songs to keep everyone entertained and in their seats as they eat, ready to sing Happy Birthday when the cake is brought out.

Your party will have the same amazing sound and light set up we use for our wedding discos. This includes a beautiful starlit DJ booth, a DMX programmed light show and moving head lights with a top of the range sound system.

With bubbles, inflatable guitars, limbo competitions, BGT style dance offs (which involve everyone) and prizes provided by us, your child's birthday party is sure to be the Best Mega Party Disco Ever!

All music is age apropriate and suitable for children. You and your birthday star can choose your favourite tunes and bands to be played during the party...and of course we'll dance to all time party classics such as The Macarena, Gangnam style and Cha Cha Slide ...and we might even attempt the Can Can!

There's no wild running about and no time to get bored as the games are inclusive with no eliminations so the children are always involved and fully entertained.

We were so impressed by the party you ran for our Brownie unit. The girls were rapt with attention, and they had such a fabulous time. I think they were laughing the entire time! We had a particularly nervous new girl who soon forgot her worries and was joining in with all the action, it was lovely to watch.

– Amanda Drakeley 8th Eastbourne Brownies – Pack Party 

Mini Disco Party

If your child is still very little but loves to dance then a Mini Disco Party could be the perfect option for their party. This is also a perfect option for smaller spaces as the set up is more compact than our Mega Disco.

The Mini Disco lasts a full hour and has tonnes of lively party games, flashing lights, bubbles, party dances and competitions. All the prizes are provided by Pompom.

For little ones, we'll make sure to include favourites like Spongebob, Nelly The Elephant, Hokey Cokey and Head Shoulders Knees & Toes.

You'll be able to relax and enjoy the party too as Pompom makes sure everyone has loads of fun the whole time. Your child will definitely feel like the birthday star.

I cannot recommend Lou highly enough. My son really wanted a party for his 4th birthday but can be shy and overwhelmed by lots of people. Lou took the time to ensure he was comfortable and involved at every point of the planning, setting up and performance. She held the children’s attention for pretty much the entire time – no mean feat! The children really enjoyed themselves. She enabled us as parents to relax and enjoy the day, and certainly made a 4 year old very happy.

– Nicky Gilbert (Stanley’s Mum) 4th Birthday Party 8th Jan 2017

If you have any questions or would like to chat through options for your child's party, please feel free to get in touch anytime. We offer our Kids Disco Parties in Brighton, East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire.

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