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Magician Wand & Tricks Kit Give-Aways

Each guest takes the party magic home!

Magic wand kits that do 4 REAL MAGIC TRICKS!

During the magic show, your child gets up to make the birthday magic happen using a special magic wand. At the end of the party, since they've done such a great job throughout their party, they get presented with the very magic wand they used to keep and take home.

The excitement on their little face is priceless.

This magic wand becomes the envy of all the other children at the party. Everyone wants to 'have a go' with the magic wand. Cries ring out 'Can I have a magic wand too please?'

For this reason, we developed a 'Magician Wand Trick Kit' as an alternative to plain old party bag giveaways.


Magician Wand Trick Kits are delivered to your party by PomPom.

You only pay for what you use!

Way cooler than traditional party bags! ...and cheaper too. The perfect giveaway for your party.

The kit contains a magic wand with full colour, illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to do 4 REAL magic tricks with their magic wand and it's personalised to PomPom so forms a link to your child's party. There's even a link to an online video with instructions on how to do the tricks!

The magic wand is relevant to the party as it formed an important part of the show. Take home wands make a nice memento.

magic wand giveaways instructions

Thank you so much, from start to finish it was a pleasure. You were organised, efficient and great value for money. As soon as you arrived you made my children the focus and you helped distract them while we were preparing the party even though you were setting up yourself. You had 30 kids hooked and under control and having fun the whole 2 hrs. Lucy had a fabulous birthday and I actually relaxed and chilled throughout. Thank you

-Suzanne Farrell

Just to say thanks again for giving Aidan such a wonderful party on Saturday. He did not stop beaming from beginning to end. The parents were also delighted and commented on how they had enjoyed two hours to sit and catch up while the children were entertained. I'd definitely recommend you to anyone hosting a birthday party!  

- Natalie Notley

Pollyanna has such a wonderful time with you and all the fab fun that you had. All her friends have been talking about it ever since! Thanks again for a fabulous party it really made it special that you were there to celebrate it with her!

- Penelope Richards

We would just like to say thank you for helping to make Betty's party such a joy for everyone, especially the birthday girl. As Michael said, we do our fair share of parties and so rarely see a group of kids so engaged from start to finish. Betty fell asleep tonight tightly clutching her birthday wand

- Emma Williams


When you have confirmed your PomPom Kids Party, you will receive a wand kit order form included with your booking contract. PomPom will bring the wand kits along on the day and you only pay for the amount you need on the day.

An questions, email